The Home that Hope built

Shepherd's Home nurtures and protects children in need by providing a loving family home. We serve publicly or privately placed children of all ages. Our trained and compassionate team values each child, offers unconditional love, and encourages in each child a sense of self-worth. As a result, we play a part in breaking the cycle of abuse
and neglect.

Shepherd's Home

In March of 1998, the Shepherd’s Home opened its doors to its first resident and before long, the Home was at capacity. With the generous financial support of donors and the commitment of talented staff and volunteers, the Shepherd’s Home has provided Hope for countless Idaho children and families. Please read through the testimonials from community leaders as well as previous residents and staff members and consider the ways in which you might be able to help the Shepherd’s Home provide Hope to children and families so that this community landmark will continue to thrive as long as there are children in need.

Show your support by donating to the Shepherd’s Home in the form of a donation or by volunteering your time and talents.

Frequently Asked Questions...

What is the Shepherd's Home?

The Shepherd’s Home is a residential shelter care facility located in McCall, Idaho. It looks just like any other home but the family is unique. The family is comprised of children between the ages of 3 and 18 who need a home and hope. The children in our home are cared for by staff that creates a family environment with structure, consistency, nurture, and love. The Home was built debt-free with the enormous support of the community, private donors, businesses, and volunteers. Since opening our doors in 1998, we have sheltered and provided HOPE for over 150 children. Some have returned to their families, some have been adopted; others have transitioned to a community and started careers and families of their own. For many the cycle has been broken.

Who comes to live at the Shepherd's Home?

The Shepherd’s Home offers a safe and loving haven to children who are facing a variety of life’s circumstances. The Shepherd’s Home is home to up to eight children who may stay for varying lengths of time, depending on their circumstances. Some have stayed up to two and a half years, while others reside here less than a month. Our residents are just regular kids in need of a home. They go to school, work, play, and engage in extracurricular activities. They are part of our family and your community. Children come to the Shepherd’s Home for a variety of reasons. Some are from families in crisis and placed under our care by parents, guardians or a government agency in the hopes that they will return to their family in a short time. Others no longer have family and are hoping for a new family. They call the Shepherd’s Home “Home” until that dream is fulfilled. Some are youth involved in the juvenile system that will have a better chance of breaking destructive behavior patterns if they can live in a consistent, caring environment and be given a second chance. In emergencies, where a child’s safety is at risk the police or Health and Welfare can temporarily place children in The Shepherd’s Home any time of day or night.

Is the Shepherd's Home sponsored by the state or by religious institutions?

No, we are not sponsored by either. We are a private, non-profit organization governed by a Board of Directors. We create our own policies and procedures, all of which comply with what the state requires of foster homes and residential care facilities. We rely on public support, which means YOU are the reason we exist. Our annual Golf Tournament and private donations make up the largest percentage of our supporting budget. We receive another 18% in the form of grants from private foundations. While many local churches support our mission and goals, we are not formally affiliated with any one denomination. Since some children are placed in the Home by State and County entities, we do receive some income from those agencies. Income from these sources and private placement fees amounts to less than 15% of the annual budget. Again, the children rely on people like YOU to make this a Home of possibility and Hope.

Why does the Shepherd's Home maintain such a low profile?

Like other non-profit organizations, we rely upon community resources. We must, however, maintain a low profile to protect the privacy of our residents. We cannot conduct fundraising or outreach activities from the home, nor can we in any way sacrifice the safety or privacy of our residents. Nevertheless, the home belongs to the community ~ it provides important community resources and was built with community love and support. We want McCall to be proud of our presence here and take interest in what we do. The children will learn they are valued by the community and in turn learn to value the community.